1.  One team consisting of 7 members from each company can participate - Four      for making flower carpet and Three for helping
2.  Team Manager should report at the program office at 08.15 am
3.  Competition will start at 08.30 am and should be completed on or before      11.30 am
4.  Maximum size of the carpet allowed is 5ft /5ft
5.  The end shape has to be round
6.  Each Team can decide their own theme
7.  Can use only natural flowers, no artificial colours or flowers are allowed
8.  Teams should display the sample of flowers used in the floral carpet      alongside

Judging rules: (External Judges)
1.  Best theme & design
2.  Number of floral colours used.
3.  Background Colour & Colour combination
4.  Neatness of the design
5.  Traditional symbols like “പറ”, “നിലവിളk്” etc will also attract points
6.  Photo image and real view of the patterns will be considered for the final      judgment

Venue & Space details

1.  Each participating team will be given a name during registration
2.  Space will be allotted in PARK CENTRE or NEOSPACE for teams who do not      have adequate space
3. Those companies having their own office space can use the same

Winner's Price Sponsored by  Ramanattukara